23 Daily

Classes Friday will run on a different schedule. See the weekly schedule (above) for the exact times. Check your classrooms for personal belongings before you leave that classroom for the last time today.

Friday’s Participant Recital will be in COULTER AUDITORIUM (the same venue as last night’s faculty concert) at 2:45 pm. Participants should take the music and instruments they need to perform their class selections. YOU WILL ALSO NEED YOUR BIG BLOW & BOW BOOK, ALONG WITH THE INSTRUMENT YOU WILL PLAY FOR MARTHA BISHOP’S “MOUNTAIN ESTAMPIE.” You will NOT need a music stand for the recital. They will be provided by the WCU Music Department, thanks to Will Peebles!

Workshop participants and faculty will perform Martha Bishop’s “Mountain Estampie” after the participant recital Friday. After the last group performs, Jody will call people to the stage by instrument group. We will have a short rehearsal and then perform the piece.

Friday’s final Big Blow and Bow will be in the BAND ROOM in Coulter building (same building as the Auditorium) at 7:30 pm. You may find that the easiest way to get to the band room is to enter through the side doors on ground level, then turn left. There is a short hallway to the band room.

Please join us for the end-of-workshop social Friday evening on The Bridge after the Big Blow & Bow.

We have extra Big Blow & Bow books for sale for $10 each. We prefer cash or check, but you may also pay via PayPal. Jody will have the extra books at the Participant Recital and to the Friday evening.

One of the participants has misplaced an alto recorder. If you’ve seen a stray recorder, please return it to any faculty member. We want to get it in the hands of the owner as soon as possible!

The following message is from the Mountain Heritage Center here on the campus of WCU: If attendees would like to drop-in to see the exhibition when they have free time during the week, that would be great! We’re open M-F, 10am to 4pm, for self-guided visits. Typically, there are one or two students on hand to give informal tours. This summer the exhibition is Coverlets: New Threads in Old Patterns.

Items for sale are located in Blue Ridge room 230 (Technology Center). If you have items for sale, place them in this room WITH CLEAR PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS. If you choose to purchase something, follow that seller’s instructions or find them to ask questions. Please don’t take items out of the room unless you have purchased them or are removing them in order to purchase them.

The sellers will appreciate going home with fewer items, so take some time to visit the room today.

Please complete a workshop evaluation. We want to know everything! Be specific and help us improve the experience for everyone. You may complete the evaluation by clicking here: MC 2023 WORKSHOP EVALUATION


To help housekeeping and conference staff, please make sure you have all
of your belongings, take your trash (and any recycling) to the dumpsters
at the end of the Blue Ridge parking lot, make sure your room is clean,
and place used linens on the bed.

Return your key and key card to Chrissy and her team at check-out in the
Blue Ridge first floor lobby between 7-11 am on Saturday. Your key
deposit will be returned to you then, or you can donate it to the
Mountain Collegium work study fund.

DO NOT return your key and meal card to the purple box in the dining
hall or Blue Ridge lobby!

If you need to leave earlier than 7 am Friday, please contact Chrissy to
arrange an earlier departure. She’s in BR 361 or text cell phone