Class Placement

Now that you have registered for the workshop and paid your deposit (or paid in full), you should choose your classes. 

Please complete and submit this form by June 1.  Please read class descriptions carefully and feel free to request a hard copy if you prefer to send in your information that way.

Click HERE for a PDF of the class offerings that is DOWNLOADABLE and VIEWABLE.

Click HERE for a PDF of the class offerings that is PRINTER FRIENDLY (and more toner efficient).

Click HERE for a copy of the weekly schedule of class meeting times and other workshop activies.

We prefer you register and choose classes online, but if you need a hard copy of the registration and class placement form, contact Jody at

****Each field marked with * is required and will help us plan an excellent workshop experience.  IF THERE IS A REQUIRED FIELD THAT TRULY DOESN’T APPLY TO YOU, JUST TYPE AN “X” IN THAT FIELD TO TRICK IT INTO THINKING YOU FILLED OUT THE FORM CORRECTLY.

Class Preferences

We will try to carefully match your playing ability and your interests with others at the workshop.  Please let us know if you prefer not to participate in a period.  For a PDF version of course offerings, click HERE.

Tips for choosing a class:

  • Check the level of the class and the instruments/voices (if you are unsure, just inquire).
  • Though we don’t frequently use your 2nd choices, sometimes we need to—consider your 2nd choice carefully.
  • Let us know specifics about your playing skills. For instance, if you only play T recorder, let us know. Some classes will require the ability to play multiple voices and some will be more flexible. When registering online, utilize the comments box below each class period.
  • We will be able to lend some instruments. Please let us know early if you need help finding an instrument.
  • All classes are at a=440.

We honestly try our best to accommodate any historical or folk instrument. If you are not sure how you (or your instrument) will fit in for a particular period, just email us and we will see if we can work out a solution.

We reserve the right to cancel and/or substitute classes or teachers as enrollment requires.

Guide to levels:

  • Emerging = beginner or novice
  • LI = lower intermediate
  • Int = intermediate
  • UI = upper intermediate
  • A = advanced

We reserve the right to cancel, add, or substitute classes or teachers based on enrollment.