Faculty over the Years

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Mountain Collegium has had amazing and outstanding faculty over its many years. Click on a year below to take a trip down memory lane with us.

2024 Faculty:

2023 Faculty: Celebrating 50 years. We were back — in the Blue Ridge dorms and back to almost pre-pandemic registrations. The garklein choir has grown to over a dozen people. Their performance (under the Bridge between the dorms) was best enjoyed with a glass of wine from the Blue Ridge dorm balconies. The faculty and students were all fabulous. George and Rosemarie Kelischek showed up for the faculty recital, where Jody presented them with plaques and honors (celebrating 50 years of the workshop). So George presented Jody et al with some purple “Octagons” (like gemshorns but made of plastic and in an octagonal shape) he had made, inducting them into his new “club”.

2022 Faculty: This was the first year we got together after the pandemic. The Blue Ridge dorms were closed down because of construction happening nearby. So we were at other dorms up the hill and had to do all classes at the Music / English building down the hill. Meals were halfway in between. What an adventure! Thank goodness Jody got that shuttle bus for us. A week before the in-person workshop, we had an online workshop. Online was good, but not as good as being there in person.

2021: Jody set up a fabulous on-line workshop for us. It wasn’t the same as in-person, but we really needed the human connection and music it was able to bring to us.

2020: The Year of the Pandemic. We had faculty all set up and registration ready to launch when the pandemic hit and we had to cancel. Prior participants and faculty with steady jobs were so incredibly generous that we were able to pay many of our planned faculty a significant portion of their stipend to help out a little in those first months of gig-less and concert-less shutdown.

2019: We had almost 100 people and closed registration early for the first time ever, to ensure everyone could get a good experience (without overcrowding or overfilled classes).